Multifunctional Glue


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Ultimate Adhesion Strength

This powerful glue quickly mends broken pieces, offering a permanent fix for splits, damage, and detachments. Designed not just for repair, but to also preserve the original appearance of your items, making them look like new again.

Impressive Features

Its oil-based formula ensures a fast-setting repair, solidifying connections in under 30 seconds. This adhesive is both waterproof and shock-resistant, guaranteeing a strong hold even under strain or after repeated washing. Differing from traditional cement adhesives, our glue creates a flexible yet firm bond, avoiding the issue of becoming brittle with age.

Broad Applicability and Safe Usage

The Versatile Adhesive is designed for a wide range of uses, effectively bonding materials such as rubber, plastic, porcelain, glass, metal, wood, and leather. It is also safe for finger application, offering a hassle-free experience. Each pack comes with a 30g tube of clear oil-based glue and a precision dropper for accurate application.

How to Use:
1. Open the lid and use.
2. Do not squeeze the side of the bottle to avoid a large amount of glue flowing out.
3. Make sure the bonded parts are kept dry and clean.
4. Apply a little glue to the surface of the adhesive, align and firm to provide a certain thickness and strength.

Package includes:
Set C: 50g superglue *1 + dropper *1
Set D: 50g superglue *2 + dropper *2
Set E: 50g superglue *3 + dropper *3

1. Carefully drip into eyes or mouth.
2. Keep out of the reach of children to avoid danger.
3. Pay attention to the cement on the skin of your fingers.
4. Don't eat.

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